At first glance, this is not appetizing. However, since you’re the one that’s going to be making it, you get to enjoy watching the grossed out faces of others until you tell them what this brain is made out of!

Watermelon. That’s it, and it’s all you need, other than a super sharp paring knife and a vegetable peeler. We suggest (as does the recipe) that you do this with a small watermelon and just carve a bunch if you’re expecting a crowd. Thoroughly rinse the fruit before you start cutting into it; if there’s any dirt on the rind, when you start cutting the knife will push the grime into the flesh. And don’t skip the step of slicing off a bit of the bottom so that the watermelon sits flat. Carving a rolling piece of fruit is no fun, and kind of dangerous. Once you’ve gotten the proper response from guests, serve this like you would a standard watermelon wedge.

Get the directions (with detailed photos) at Instructables!