Based on the sheer awesomeness of this recipe alone, we’re going to start campaigning for the Turkey to be the mascot bird of every month ending in -er. Until that takes effect, we may be adding a few daisies to this bird for spring, a watermelon sun hat for the summer, and a random pine branch of chives and meatballs for winter.

Yes, there’s a lot of chopping here; however, there isn’t a fancy knife move in sight. Get all of your ingredients together before you get started, prep them all, then take your time laying everything out. Outside of the how amazing this looks on the platter, the mix of colorful vegetables and slightly-salty olives and pickles makes for a tasty, well-rounded dish. Bring it out at your next get together (with the aforementioned additions depending on the season) and be thankful for the produce aisle and sheer home-cook ingenuity!

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