We gear a lot of our recipes towards the average kid, who is almost always, at least somewhat, a picky eater. But how do you make foods fun for the true picky eater? The one with a very short list of acceptable food items? Here’s one answer!

The trick to feeding a “selective” kid is to find creative ways to use very mild flavored foods. And when it comes to vegetables, carrots and celery are at the top of the list. Use these to make the tree, and then cut out little pieces of a mild white cheese to make the snowflakes. So far, you have veggies and a good calcium source. Next, add a small bit of turkey for the trunk (and protein) and top it off with a fruit-star (anything you have on hand will do). Most kids will accept these, but adding dip on the side (vegetable, yogurt, peanut butter, etc) may also help. Good luck!

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