A bagel and cream cheese is a quick, easy breakfast option regularly eaten in households across the world. And while there are several different variations available, between different flavored bagels and different cream cheeses, the end result is always the same: a circle covered in a spread. So why not make it just a bit more fun?

Start out with a lightly toasted bagel in your favorite flavor, then slather on a healthy coating of cream cheese. Arrange super-crunchy, totally tasty Chinese noodles around the perimeter, nestling them into the cream cheese so that they stick. Then, use your favorite ingredients to make a totally cute face in the middle! This recipe shows a bagel topped with olives and poppy seeds; however, you can use cucumber rounds for eyes and a tomato slice for the nose, shredded carrots to turn everything orange, and anything else that you think might be good on a tasty bagel. Have fun with it, get creative with combinations, and turn this often boring looking (albeit tasty) breakfast into something spectacular!

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