• Bread Dough
  • Cookie Dough
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate Chips

Bear paw is one of the easiest and most common shape of bread nowadays. This time, why not reinvent your pastry into a teddy’s face? This recipe can even help you practice your baking skills.


  1. The first thing you need to make and prepare is your bread dough for our Teddy Bear Pastry With Sugar Cookies.
  2. Next, make and prepare your cookie dough. It will be the one that we will use in making our sugar cookies for our teddy’s ears and facial features.
  3. Now, let’s shape and mold our bread dough. Make 1 round-shaped dough and 2 half moon-shaped dough. Stick the 2 half moon-shaped dough as our teddy’s ears.
  4. For our cookie dough, make 1 round shape and 2 half moon shape. Push a cookie chip in the center of the round dough and put markings to make the teddy’s mouth. Bake the cookie dough but don’t let them cook completely. While our cookies are hot, sprinkle it with sugar.
  5. Going back to our bread dough, stick in two chocolate chips for our teddy’s eyes and place teddy’s nose and lips just below it. Place the half moon-shaped cookies on each of teddy’s ears.
  6. Bake our Teddy Bear Pastry With Sugar Cookies until golden brown.

Molding dough with your own hands is fun especially with the help of your kids. The bear face pastry baking is a good idea for your bonding time.