Strawberries are fantastic in and of themselves, but turning them into mice makes them even better. Yes, it’s possible to make strawberries better!

As with working with any fruit, a steady hand and quality paring knife are key here. For detail work, like making a hole for the tail, use the toothpick, as the knife will make too big of a slit and the tail will fall out. Serve these alongside peices of cheese (of course) and add them to a cheese platter, appetizer arrangement, or even toss them alongside dinner for a fun, healthy addition to your meal. If the strawberries will be out for a while, spritz them with a bit of lemon juice to maintain freshness; while they won’t brown like an apple will, they might get a bit mealy. The lemon juice will stop that. Enjoy!

You can get the recipe from The Happy Raw Kitchen!