• Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Carrot
  • Rolls (of any sort)

This fruity snack is sure to be delicioussss and your kids will love the bright colors!


1. Cut up the strawberries and bananas into strips about half an inch thick (leave one strawberry with only the top chopped off, but the rest intact).

2. The unchopped strawberry will be the snake head.

3. Alternate 5 rounds of the chopped strawberry and banana pieces in a row behind the snake head.

4. Add a roll (of your choice) about the width of the snake next.

5. Then add 2 more strawberries and bananas, and add the rest of the unchopped banana for the snake tail.

6. Cut a tiny rectangular slit of carrot for the snake tongue.

7. Cut two tiny triangles of bananas for the snake eyes.

8. Add the eyes on and add mini chocolate chips in the center of them for the eyeballs.

Now you’ve finished creating your sssscary ssssnake! It’s healthy too!

This was our take. Visit the original recipe at Super Healthy Kids. They have great meal plans, nutrition data, images and recipes that you and your kids will love!