Bento-style lunches and boxes are all the rage, and they’re even more fun when they’re turned into a character or scene. Known as kyaraben in Japanese, this is the art of taking an entire meal’s worth of components and arranging them to create something spectacular. With this recipe, that’s a sleeping bear!

Rich in protein and vegetables (as well as some rice for good measure) this bear is made up of a chicken nugget (the bird), an egg / omelet (the covers), and a easy rice patty for the bear himself. Served with sausages, vegetables, and covered in ketchup, this is not only fun to look at, but delicious to eat! And for those just getting started with bento-style lunches, the arrangement is perfect, as it works best with one plate (so you don’t have to buy special platters or bento boxes unless you want to).

You can find the full recipe and more photos at Create Eat Happy!