We aren’t going to lie: we love pancakes in their many incarnations, and there’s nothing that will ever make us give up our favorite breakfast food. With that said, there’s just something about crepes that make them stand out from the standard breakfast foods. Super simple, crazy versatile, and so easy to turn into a variety of shapes, its the perfect recipe for making even a hectic morning special.

So if you’re in the midst of getting ready for Halloween and still want breakfast to be a bit fun, opt for this recipe. Take a basic crepe batter and add it to a condiment squeeze tube or pour it into a Ziploc bag with the tip cut off. Then, pipe the batter into a preheated pan into the shape of a skull and bones. Top it with a bunch of berries (cooked with some sugar if you choose), and you have a quick, festive breakfast without breaking a sweat. Enjoy!

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