• Hard boiled eggs
  • Filling for the Egg Whites
  • Tortilla chips

Looking for an adventure? Sail the seas with this quick and fun, Sailing Egg Boats recipe!


  1. To start off, where are the boats? Peel hard boiled eggs and cut it in half (lengthwise). Scoop out the yolks and then, set aside. Slice the round side of the egg white to help the egg stand on its own.
  2. Make your preferred filling for the egg white. You can even use the yolk as an ingredient in your chosen filling.
  3. Fill in the egg whites with a good amount of your preferred filling. The filling should be dense enough to hold the sail.
  4. Our sailboats are almost done but where are the sails? Place a tortilla chip on top of the filling. Make sure that the chip is in a vertical position where the lower part of the triangle is pushed in the filling. This will definitely resemble the sail of a boat.

Can you feel the wind blowing? Pull up your sails and eat away these Sailing Egg Boats!