This recipe will appeal to the craft-challenged and time crunched in all of us, all while still giving your kid the type of snack many think only Martha herself can whip up!

Here, you’ll learn how super-easy healthy hummus is to make. With just garbanzo beans, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and yogurt you have one of the best dips for veggies out there. And also one of the most customizable: whether you want to add tahini paste for an authentic flair, or cilantro and tomatoes for a southwest kick, you can go anywhere your palate desires with this. When it comes to plating, a super-clean cheap toy is all it takes to make this afternoon snack something spectacular, and you can set this scene any way you like; after all, broccoli trees work just about anywhere in the world, so don’t get yourself in a rut with a Safari scene! Enjoy!

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