We’ll admit it: oftentimes, creative food recipes are just a bit too feminine for classically male-oriented gatherings like football parties and poker nights. This, however, is just cool enough to be interesting without verging into “you spent way to much time on this for a bunch of dudes.” And if you’re having a mixed group over, it will wow the guys and have the women asking you how you did it.

Starting with the spread itself, in a word, it’s perfect. Flavorful enough to pack a punch, while mild enough to not offend a picky eater, it’s perfect with your standard crackers and toasted bread (if you’re looking to get a bit more fancy). Olives are the ideal accompaniment with this, and we’d recommend taking whatever leftovers you have after making the dice and putting them in a bowl to serve alongside. It’s fast, guy friendly, and delicious. Enjoy!

You can find the full recipe at Taste of Home!