Tea sandwiches are perfect, bite-size morsels of their larger lunch-time counterparts and ideal for small to large gatherings. They allow you to serve up a variety of flavors, letting guests try and experience each one without committing to a large portion.

These flower-shaped tea sandwiches are the perfect example of this classic brunch and mid-afternoon staple, and the wide range of fillings suggested for these adorable morsels of goodness (broken down into savory and sweet categories) mean that they can work for nearly any occasion. From egg salad to sweet preserves, refreshing cucumbers to boursin cheese, the possibilities are endless. All you need is some quality bread, an imagination, and a few flower-shaped cookie cutters. For arranging these, opt for a long, wide platter to create a field of flowers, either using separate ones for each variety or simply grouping them together for fun. Enjoy!

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