Perhaps one of the most beloved (or love-to-hate) Dr. Seuss characters of all time, the Grinch is synonymous with Christmas and the entire winter season.

This recipe is perfect for a platter (if you’re making a scene or just want a bunch of cut kiwi-people), or as an addition to a bento box lunch. Use a sharp paring knife to peel the entire kiwi, and try to only take off the brown fuzzy skin (otherwise you risk wasting a whole bunch of yummy, edible fruit). Use toothpicks to secure the strawberry hat and the mini marshmallows, and you have yourself a winner! And don’t just relegate yourself to the months of December: this kiwi Grinch is perfect for a Dr. Seuss inspired bento box or party, along with other favorite characters (Cat in the Hat anyone?). Enjoy!

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