Salty and sweet is a classic combination, and for good reason: it’s absolutely tasty! If you’re hosting a winter dinner party, having a group of kids over, or just want to do something different, creative, and delicious, then this recipe is for you!

The chocolate, candies, and caramel add a sweet, nostalgic flavor to these snowmen, and are a classic dessert combination. Yet when you throw in the nuts and pretzels, you have an explosion of flavor in your mouth! We recommend not skipping lining the baking sheet. If you’ve never tried to get cooked caramel off of a pan, now is not the day to find out what it’s like (we promise). And while the assembly can be a bit tedious, but it’s nothing a few eager, craft-loving kids can’t help out with. Enjoy this one!

You can find the full recipe and instructions at Better Homes and Gardens!