• Eggs

Serve your loved ones with these beautifully shaped hard-boiled eggs. They will surely be in awe at how you came up with these hard-boiled eggs shaped as hearts.


  1. The first step is making the perfect hard-boiled eggs. Once they are done, place your hard-boiled eggs in a bowl with ice and water to cool them off right away. This will let you easily peel the egg shells away.
  2. Now, that you’re hard-boiled eggs are peeled, we can now shape them into hearts! Get 2 small heart-shaped molds. Put the hard-boiled egg in between the two molds. Secure it with an elastic band. Leave the hard-boiled eggs like that for some time or leave them in the fridge.
  3. Now, it’s time to take off the molds. By this time, the eggs will still not have that clear shape-heart. You still have to cut the eggs in half to really see the heart shape that the molds produced.

You can now serve the eggs with some dip or just as they are. 😀

Tip: Visit Anna The Red, to see how the original creator of this idea has achieved the eggs to be shaped like this!