At the end of the day, many parents feel as if they slapped whatever healthy food they could find on a plate three to four times a day. After all, if the kid is fed whatís the big deal? The book Funky Lunch shows that healthy food can also be fun, and it doesnít take much longer than your standard, boring lunch fare.

Featuring 50 fantastic meals, the gorgeous photos in this book are only outshined by the easy-to-understand and detailed instructions. Written by a father, the Funky Lunch Book takes ordinary to extraordinary with the use of a paring knife, a select few cookie cutters, and strategic placement of ingredients.

The book primarily focuses on sandwiches because, after all, who doesnít love a sandwich? Other than making older kids grin a little bit every afternoon, this book offers fantastic ways to entire the notoriously picky toddler to eat. Other than parents, the Funky Lunch Book is fantastic for daycare providers and preschool teachers that love to do theme days. What better way to bridge the gap between morning and afternoon lessons and activities than with a corresponding lunch!

When it comes to getting kids involved in their meal prep, the Funky Lunch Book is a true rock star. After a while, young children are probably going to get bored of making their own peanut butter and jelly. However, what if they get to turn their favorite sandwich or something new, into their favorite toy, musical instrument, or even cartoon character every afternoon? A completely new level of excitement ensues!

With this detailed recipe book, you can turn something as simple as a midday meal into a learning experience!