• 2 Slices of your favorite bread *bonus points if you choose a bread with whole grains.
  • Your favorite sandwich toppings, the great thing is- you can use anything you want! some ideas are: peanut butter, cheese, lunch meat- any type of sandwich you choose to make will work.
  • One Cherry tomato
  • Half of an English cucumber.
  • Small piece of red pepper.
  • One wooden shish kabob skewer.
  • One Toothpick.
  • Small circle-shaped cookie cutters.

These critters are so cute – but don’t worry, your little one will have no problem gobbling them up!


1. Wash and dry your cucumber and tomato thoroughly – set aside.

2. Make your favorite sandwich.

3. Using your cookie cutters cut out circles using the cookie cutters *Please note* If you made a grilled cheese or another hot sandwich, make sure you let the sandwich cool before cutting.

4. Slide your sandwich circles onto the shish kabob skewer, you can add the cherry tomato on the end- to make the head!

5. Cut the cucumber into circles, then cut your circles into “feet” (see picture)

6. You can also cut antennae for your Caterpillar using the cucumber- use the green skin to make the antennae, but make sure you save the inside part to make his eyes and smile 🙂

7. Using the inside part of the cucumber leftover from the antennae, cut out two circles for the eyes, and a friendly smile. You will also need to cut two small circles out of your red pepper to make the pupils for the eyes

8. Now for the finishing touches!  Arrange your Caterpillar’s  feet beside his body – you can secure them with toothpicks (but we usually skip this step as they are eaten up really quickly anyways!) Secure your Caterpillar eyes and smile on his face using toothpicks.

Note: This is our own interpretation of the recipe. The original instructions and ingredients are featured in the famous Funky Lunch Book, written by Mark Northeast.