There are a lot of perks to the bento lunch: it incorporates a variety of ingredients to introduce new flavors and nutrients into your diet, it’s perfect for a lunchbox (obviously), and it’s just fun. And this birdie bento hits all three of these with style!

The base of this bento is pasta tossed in olive oil. Not only is it kid friendly, but it’s quick to make and can be eaten warm, room temperature, or cold. This is topped with protein rich bitterballlen, which is basically an Indonesian meatball that’s precooked, mixed with cheese and flour, and baked off in little balls. It’s tasty, it’s simple, and you can easily make it in large batches and freeze it, pulling out what you need the night before and baking them off. Make some cute faces on the birds with mozarella, nori, and carrots, and lunch is served!

See the original directions and photo at Rabbit Can Cook!