• 4 slices of bread (whole grain bread is best!)
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • One package of cottage cheese
  • Anything you would like to use to make your "faces" we like- pickles, bell peppers, olives, shredded carrots, celery - you can use anything you would like!

The sky is the limit – you can make virtually any face with these fun guys- try to create your families own faces for a protein packed high energy breakfast (or lunch, or dinner!)


1. Toast your bread.

2. Slice your hard-boiled eggs (length-wise so they will lie flat)

3. Spread cottage cheese all over the toast to cover it completely.

4. Arrange your eggs on the face to make the eyes- they are perfect!

5. Use all of your other toppings to make the face! Kids can help with this part- but you may want to keep the fun all for yourself!


  • The bottom of a red bell pepper makes a great shape to use for lips.
  • You can use a cheese grater to shred carrots to use as hair.
  • Cut in half- both olives and pickles make a great nose.
  • Celery is great to use as ears.
  • If your child wont eat cottage cheese – you can try looking for yummy fruit flavored cottage cheese, sweetening it with honey- or you can substitute it all together with cream cheese!