It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie night featuring dangerous seamen or a party with a pirate theme, these deep dish apple pies are both delicious and awe inspiring!

You can use the pie crust recipe show in the original post for a flaky, decadent crust, or you can save a bit of time by using a store-bought variety (unshaped rolls are found in the refrigerator or freezer section of most stores). Rather than expensive, not-often-used pirate shaped pie crust pans, make your own with disposable foil dishes. You can use any mix of apples that strikes your fancy, but be sure that at least half are of the Granny Smith variety, as they hold up well to baking and won’t break down into utter mush in the oven. Personalize the sails depending on what you’re using the pie for, and have fun with this one!

See the full, detailed directions at Diamonds for Dessert!