• Potatoes (of course)
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Slice of Romaine Lettuce
  • Two Olives
  • Green Beans

They’re just a couple of potatoes who like to eat in style …. Can you blame them?


1. Let there be light! Take one carrot and chop off its bottom then poke a hole in the center of it.

2. Then slice piece of carrot into a long, skinny pole.

3. Take the skinny pole carrot piece and stick it through the hole in the bottom carrot piece.

4. Take a potato and skin it. The cut out a square piece and put a hole through it.

5. Take the square potato and stick it on top of the other end of the skinny carrot piece. Now the funky carrot lamp has a lampshade!

6. Take about 8 carrots and carve a cute little table (this part may take awhile so enjoy the fun!).

7. Then slide a piece of romaine lettuce under the carrot table as a nice, tasty throw rug.

8. Even take an olive and slice out the inside and fill it with green beans to resemble a nice plant vase!

9. Then the fun REALLY starts when you take about 10 cucumbers, make a square and then stack them to make pillows (for comfort of course) and don’t forget to cut out 4 pieces as couch stands! We wouldn’t want the potatoes to fall.

10. Last take two happy potatoes and place them on the couch. Use food coloring to make a pretty lady with awesome red lipstick and her happy-go-lucky husband!

11. Cut out two holes on each potato to make eyeballs and fill it with mayo! Then top them with small olive pieces so both potatoes can see their soulmate.

Ooh la la…. Now that’s good eating!