Hot pockets, sold in freezer sections across the globe, are often marketed as a fast, healthy way to get your kid a hot lunch without any muss or fuss; however, as with most things steeped in heavy marketing, they aren’t actually healthy. But never fear, you can make your own!

These hot pockets mix homemade marinara sauce (healthy tomatoes and herbs) with protein and calcium rich cheese and vegetables of your choice. Add in a healthy homemade pastry dough, and you have a fantastic lunch! Prepare these as needed, or make a batch and keep some in the freezer on hand (without cooking them first). Cookie cutters help you make fun shapes, enticing even the pickiest eater. At the end, you’ll get the convenience of an actual hot pocket without eating chemicals, preservatives, and copious amounts of salt. Add some fresh fruit to the side (apples shown here), and you have a real winner of a lunch!

Get the recipe at Super Healthy Kids!