• 1 baked potato
  • 8-10 steamed broccoli florettes
  • Alfredo cream sauce * You can make your own, or use your favorite store bought one.

Now you can trick your kids and your husband into eating their broccoli.


1. Slice your freshly baked potato right down the middle, be careful, there will be lots of steam.

2. Using a fork, break apart the cooked potato, keeping it in the skin.

3. Add the steamed Broccoli to the potato, keep the stem side down so you can see the top of the broccoli.

4. Pour as little or as much heated Alfredo sauce over your potato.

Nothing compliments broccoli quite like cheese. Telling your family the potato is a hedgehog, adds a special element of fun to this tasty baked potato – a winner for sure!

You can find the original recipe at Sweet Pea Chef.