If we are using your images, but assigning the image credit to another site, that has republished your creatives, please let us know, and we will correct it – you can send us a private message via our Facebook Page.

How do we Determine the Original Image Source?

Most images that we use, we find on Facebook, Pinterest and similar sites. We attempt to find the original source using Google Image Search by URL and also TinyEye Services, but even with these tools, sometimes it is very hard to distinguish which source has published the image first.

Credit to Image Creator by Name

We try to always include the name of the photographer in the image credit. Here’s an example:

Image Source: Roxy from rkhomemaderecipes.com

In some cases, we are unable to identify the name of the photographer/contributor, so we write: ‘Uknown Contributor from [recipes.com]’. If you are the original creator of the image or you know who is, please let us know, so we can update this information.

Image Credit Style

In addition, if you are not satisfied with a general link or the style of image source attribute that we currently use, you can request a full sentence, with the link to your website or a particular recipe page,  to be included in our post instead.

Recipes and their use

We always write our own original version of the recipe, by just looking at the image – it’s our personal take. If we find original instructions, we do not use them to write our instructions, but we do link to them on the recipe page. If you own the original directions and we are not linking to it, please notify us and we will gladly add it. You can read about recipe copyright laws at Food Blog Alliance.

Overall, if you are not willing to share your images on our website, please let us know immediately – we will make sure to take them down. But keep in mind, that being featured on our website might bring you additional traffic and gain valuable dofollow links. All in good will.

Contacting us

For feedback and change requests, please contact us via a private message on our Facebook Page.

Ask, and it shall be given.