There’s just something about babybel cheese that is irresistible: the perfect slightly-bigger than bite size morsel, it’s a fast snack, delicious, and, as a bonus, the red wax casing makes it fantastic for making a variety of funny foods, including this adorable and realistic looking Angry Bird!

Start with a single round of mini babybel cheese and remove a half-moon portion of the red wax from the bottom. Cut this piece of red wax into the tuft for the top of the head, and use Swiss and cheddar for the eyes and beak, respectively. For the eyebrows, eyeballs, and tail feathers, use circles and strips of nori, black olive, or fruit leather (or a mix of all of these if you’re feeling energetic). Serve with crackers or lightly toasted bread, a fruit platter, and cold cuts for  a quick, easy appetizer spread. Enjoy!

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