Baked potatoes are a fantastic light lunch, vegetarian dinner, or a side along with a perfectly seasoned and grilled piece of meat. And this recipe takes those baked potatoes to an entirely new level, putting them square in the spotlight! Not only are these potatoes-turned-mice adorable to look at, the flavors are out of this world. After they’re baked, the fluffy potato is scooped out of the crunchy skins and blended with roasted squash, parmesan cheese, and grainy mustard, before being heaped back inside. Add some cheese, bake it all together to meld the flavors (and melt the cheese, of course) and you’re ready to go. The result? A tangy, healthy, flavorful baked potato that lends itself perfectly to the addition of ears, noses, and tails! Enjoy! See the original photo and full recipe at Annabel Karmel!