Spring or summer, winter or fall, everyone could use a bit of cuteness in their lives, and these deviled eggs are decidedly angelic. The recipe for the filling here is outstanding, but you can always use your own, of course!

With most deviled eggs you cut length wise, but here you’ll want to not only just cut off the upper third, but do so with a jagged cut to resemble eggs cracking. You can make one clean cut to remove the top, then go back in with a paring knife to make the design, or do it all in one fell swoop (it just depends on your knife skills and patience). Instead of a spoon, place the yolk mixture in a Ziploc bag, push everything to one end, and then snip off the corner, using this as a make-shift piping back to refill the egg whites when you’re ready; oftentimes, spoons can do more damage than good. Enjoy!

You can find the full recipe at Taste of Home!