From pirate-loving little boys to avid fishermen, creating a snack that’s both healthy and appealing to the sea-lover in all of us is easier than ever with this recipe!

This dish utilizes one of two lunch staples: tuna or egg salad. Make your favorite recipe, buy some from your local deli, or use this easy method: mix one can of tuna or 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped, 1/8-cup of mayo, 1 tsp grainy mustard, onions, pickles, and season salt to taste. Then, use some peppers to make boats; while this recipe calls for red ones, we suggest making an entire fleet using different color peppers! The combination of the salad filling, vegetable holder, and cheese sail make for a perfectly healthy, protein hearty snack that will tide anyone over until the next meal (pun intended). Enjoy!

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